What our clients say

A collection of the comments our clients have made about working with us over the years :


“ We have been working with The Division for around 20 years. We rely on their extraordinary flexibility and range to strengthen our corporate design expertise and conduct research activities ”

Yasutake Yamaguchi, General Manager, Design Department, BROTHER Industries, Ltd.


We have been working continuously with The Division for more than 5 years, not only in supporting our product development but also in preparing materials for exhibitions such as CES. I think their ability to accurately express our essential intention cannot be obtained elsewhere.

Shigeru Kajioka, General Manager, Information and Communications Technology, DENSO Corporation.


" We have been working with The Division on new projects and events since 2015. They are skilful and innovative in designing new value. We will continue to work with them into the future."

Makiko Tauchi, Manager, Information and Communications Technology, DENSO Corporation.


" We have a long-term collaboration with The Division led by David. Their knowledge and experience taught us the importance of design thinking, strategy, and collaboration, as the role of the car itself and its design are changing drastically. What impressed me most is not only their great results, but also the process of getting them. It has also influenced our attitude towards manufacturing."

Taro Ueda, VP UX Design (formerly VP Design North America) NISSAN Motors Co., Ltd.


" We received valuable advice from David during our collaboration in 2018. The Division's knowledge of product development emphasised the importance of taking time to continually challenge and adjust the design process to produce positive results."

Mika Ishii, Producer, Creative Division, SHISEIDO Ltd.


" The Division not only developed unique products across many business categories at Sunstar, but their introduction of design thinking has educated team members with a more global outlook."

Noboru Masuda, former SUNSTAR Executive Officer, currently MHM representative.


" We have been collaborating with David since 2014, focusing on advanced design. As a result of this we launched a vacuum flask at Ambiente in 2019. The Division not only designed the product, but also art directed the exhibition booth and communications materials. They understand Japanese culture from many view points, and help us to create design suitable for Japan, Europe and the world."

Mitsunori Horimoto, General Manager, Design, ZOJIRUSHI Corporation.