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    While staying in Kiyosumi Shirakawa, I met Chiho Sasaki. We were colleagues at IDEO San Francisco in the late-90’s and have been good friends ever since.

  • Lotus – Future Tech

    Lotus – Future Tech

    We are working as internal consultants at the Lotus Creative Centre, directing a wide range of vehicle related projects including handheld devices, robotic autonomous vehicles, 4×4 accessories, E-bikes & scooters and much more.

  • Inside the Japanese Bathroom

    Inside the Japanese Bathroom

    I have spent many hours observing the bathing habits of ordinary Japanese people, here I look at how they are different to the West for Take on Japan

  • David, Nicole and Japan

    David, Nicole and Japan

    A short film about David and Nicole, The Division, life in London and the inspiration of Japan.

  • Makino – Kitchen Tools

    Makino – Kitchen Tools

    A favourite with professional cooks everywhere, these scales were designed to be easy to use, clean and store. Each time an ingredient is added the scale is reset to zero, using just one bowl when adding ingredients.

“We have been working with The Division for around 20 years. We rely on their extraordinary flexibility and range to strengthen our corporate design expertise.”

— Yasutake Yamaguchi, General Manager, Design, Brother Industries, Ltd.

    We are London based Designers, Advisers and Japan Experts.