• Consumer Research – Tokyo Story

    Consumer Research – Tokyo Story

    Here I talk about a recent project doing consumer observational research in Japan, how it differs to the same in the West and what I love about it.

  • Suzuki Jimny – Design Icon

    Suzuki Jimny – Design Icon

    The Jimny is a utility vehicle designed for rural life, but is also a favourite of fashionable urbanites. Here I explain why I think its a Design Icon.

  • Made in Japan

    Made in Japan

    Does Made in Japan still matter ? I just spent the month of February 2023 in Japan, here is my perspective of whats happening in Japanese business post-Covid.

  • Lotus – Future Tech

    Lotus – Future Tech

    Like many car companies Lotus are trying navigate the switch to electric power. We were invited to help them understand and explore

  • Take me down to Denki Town

    Take me down to Denki Town

    I take a deep dive into consumer electronic retailing in Japan for ‘Take on Japan’ – heres what I found.

  • Zojirushi – Brand

    Zojirushi – Brand

    Zojirushi are based in Osaka, Japan. They founded in 1918 and are a household name in Japan, famous for high quality rice cookers

“In fact, the whole of Japan is pure invention. There is no such country. There are no such people.”

— Oscar Wilde

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