• The Woodyard of Japan

    The Woodyard of Japan

    A blissful few days of peace and quiet, walking, good food and air and even better conversations.

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    While staying in Kiyosumi Shirakawa, I met Chiho Sasaki. We were colleagues at IDEO San Francisco in the late-90’s and have been good friends ever since.

  • Lotus – Future Tech

    Lotus – Future Tech

    Like many car companies Lotus are trying navigate the switch to electric power. We were invited to help them understand and explore

  • Take me down to Denki Town

    Take me down to Denki Town

    I take a deep dive into consumer electronic retailing in Japan for ‘Take on Japan’ – heres what I found.

  • Take On Japan – Homepage

    Take On Japan – Homepage

    As a response to the growing interest in Japan from overseas companies, ‘Take On Japan’ is an English language platform

  • Zojirushi – Brand

    Zojirushi – Brand

    Zojirushi are based in Osaka, Japan. They founded in 1918 and are a household name in Japan, famous for high quality rice cookers

“We rely on The Division to strengthen our corporate design expertise and conduct research activities.”

— Yasutake Yamaguchi, Brother Industries, Ltd.

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