Gained in Translation

In this brilliant podcast series Business Success Japan, I chat to the creator Lydia Beukelman about my experiences working in Japan.

Lydia introduces the podcasts: 

“In today’s episode, I’m chatting with David Tonge, a designer and owner of the London-based design studio The Division, who has worked extensively in Asia and in particular has a long relationship with Japan. David has 30 years experience as Designer, Director and Advisor to some of the worlds most successful brands. He’s also a Visiting Professor at Kanazawa Art University in Japan.

Topics that we discuss today include his experiences as an industrial designer in Japan and with Japanese companies abroad, the importance of patience in finding success in Japan, what it means to ‘interpret’ culture in design, and why the pace of decision-making itself may affect whether your project even gets off the ground.”

You can listen on Apple Podcasts here, and on Spotify here.


  • Culture as Differentiation

    Culture as Differentiation

    David reflects on three decades working in Japan, and on how Culture can be a valuable differentiator.

  • Entertainment Future

    Entertainment Future

    A lovely film about David’s work with Kanazawa Art Institute and the Future of Entertainment Technology.

  • David, Nicole and Japan

    David, Nicole and Japan

    A short film about David and Nicole, The Division, life in London and the inspiration of Japan.